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One-on-one private videochat is i Friends' signature feature, and something offered by all the models on our site.

Just select "Take Me Private" when you want to try that feature — the results of spending time together that way can be amazing!

Located in the south part of hasharons beach the gazebbo beach club is one of the most beautiful spots on the Israeli coastline.

\r\n Full services for surfers, rentals, hot showers, beach activities and of course...

High wing and low wing aircraft types are available for all options.

We offer a variety of aircraft for flying training to suit your needs and pocket - from both traditional and modern 2-seat trainers to full airways-equipped 4-seat tourers.

Hurricane Matthew Provided Awesome Tests of Resort Video Servers As the Weather Channel and other weather media began the foreboding broadcasts about the massive and destructive nature of Hurricane Matthew,…

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In today's society, more than half of all marriages fail for various reasons.

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard.