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Under Florida law, internal audits do not become public records until they are final.At Tampa City Hall, that means they aren't final until the mayor signs them.Just this year, global financial and business markets have been rocked by spectacular cybersecurity breaches, geopolitical instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, refugee crises, and more.

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As part of this institutional mission, we in Special Collections work closely with the History Department and other departments to incorporate primary materials into the research process.

TAMPA — At a glance, the referendum Tampa voters will decide on Nov.

8 might not seem far-reaching: Should the city change its charter to give the City Council the authority to order up internal audits of city operations?

It’s officially proposal season here at Onspring, and the requests for proposals (RFPs) are starting to stack up.

I’ve learned a lot about business proposals, having my hand in hundreds over the years.