Dating a chef

The Good “Food is always the focus of a fun outing.” —Cortney Burns, Bar Tartine in San Francisco “Chefs understand the heavy work schedule.And after spending years in kitchens, you’re bound to appreciate each other’s sense of humor.

A complete workaholic, Alex has been a manager in the same restaurant since she was sixteen, and enjoys writing freelance across all fields, from fashion to food to affairs of the heart.

Every girl has dreamed of her man whipping up a gastronomic feast worthy of Henry VIII, but if you think that’s what you actually get when you date a chef, you’re dead wrong, sister.

I’ve dated them all–line cooks, chefs, maître d’s and, perhaps the most annoying of all, restaurateurs.

When something goes wrong in the kitchen — or if a customer has a specific allergy that needs accommodating — a chef will remedy the situation. You can bless your date by turning the tables and cooking for him/her.

Chefs know how to take charge, leading a team to success.