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Not sure if this is another “perk” they are adding to try to get people to pay for a membership upgrade or not, but most likely is.

If someone is interested in talking to you, a slightly larger thumbnail or a standard thumbnail will probably not really matter, most people read messages in their POF inbox.

POF mobile users can download the POF app absolutely free now! Using the POF mobile app allows you to never miss a message no matter where you are at.

Another thing the app does is displays [email protected] who are close to you.

And with many beautiful themes to choose from, you can personalise the look of your inbox which carries across all your devices. Yahoo Mail's search tool makes it simple to find the exact message, document or photo that you're looking for, no matter how far back it was sent or received. Personalise your inbox with vibrant themes and organise your mail the way that makes sense to you.Quickly access the tools you use every day, such as your Calendar, Notepad, Contacts, Instant Messages and Search.So if you are a 50yr old woman for example, no longer will you be able to contact men in their 20’s and vice versa.Since the company’s beginnings as a scrappy dating app startup, Plenty of Fish has been dedicated to helping single people all over the world converse and connect.