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They now go on to air their complete oeuvre - all 21 albums, one album per concert, in chronological order. In interviews, however, the Maels have conceded that they've had to re-learn much of their own rep, in order to perform it just once for this project - a hare-brained scheme when you think about it.On the season's third night, though, Sparks were on safe ground.I suggest breaking into the locked mini-bar in the corner. Not put it down musically but –" "Not even denying just that period as such" interrupts Russell, "but denying all the past." Although painfully aware of my journalistic obligation to mention Charlie Chaplin and Hitler at least once in this feature it has to be said that Ron, trim in a tight black suit for our interview, would pass as a slightly more sinister looking version of film maker John Waters these days. If the band had split up in 1973 those two Bearsville albums would now be cult classics.

(Click on the words "audio link" or "video link", not the captions underneath.) I haven't changed the content of the page, even though I'm sure I would order the albums a bit differently these days.Driving down the motorway to reach Galloway Street (the former Mael residence), you passed a striking pink stucco ranch house which any starry eyed tourist from Spokane will tell you, was Marilyn Monroe died in.Ronnie Mael and his brother Russell spent their childhood modeling young men's apparel for mail-order catalogue (everybody's still searching for the pics !The band's latest concept has generated even more interest than usual.Last Friday, they began a 21-night residency in our capital, that night playing only songs from their debut album, Halfnelson.