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The province was placed under the jurisdiction of a governor with Ilagan as the capital, where it remains up to present.It was initially called Isabela de Luzón to differentiate from other places in the Philippines bearing the name of Isabela.This excitement has continued to grow with My Little Pony: The Movie, the like-themed bobblehead, and a myriad of other products inspired by this animated musical fantasy film based on the Friendship is Magic series.With no end in sight, youngsters and the older fanbase are clamoring for goodies from the movie, the TV series, and their predecessors…must-haves like the Loyal Subjects My Little Pony 3-inch mini-figures.The history of the New Orleans Po-Boy is a rich one, dating back nearly 100 years.

The Province of Cagayan at that time consisted of all towns from Tumauini to Aparri in the north.

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