Who is nick dating in the great gatsby

a thinning list of young men to know..." and in the distinctive way he describes and reacts to men versus women, Jay Gatsby in particular.

At the end of Chapter II, Carraway ends up in Mc Kee' s bedroom after a night of partying with Tom Buchanan, his mistress Myrtle Wilson, her sister Catherine, and the Mc Kees.

Nick attended Yale, like his father, and then fought in WWI.

After Tom breaks Myrtle's nose, Mc Kee leaves his wife behind and Carraway follows, leaving Catherine, Nick's ostensible date, and they go down together in an elevator: (p.30) Mr.

Mc Kee was a pale, feminine man from the flat below.

Realizing that Daisy would spurn him if she knew of his poverty, Gatsby determined to lie to her about his past and his circumstances.

Before he left for the war, Daisy promised to wait for him; the two then slept together, as though to seal their pact.

Who is nick dating in the great gatsby